Amy wants to know if the baby’s OK

*Episode One*

Kerry is the drunk who was hit by drunk driver Adam and his co-pilot Robbie in Cain’s stolen car. Oh, no! What about the baby?! Andy and Amy rush to the hospital, but the doctor doesn’t give anything away when they ask if the baby is OK. Kerry herself is unconscious and in intensive care and, as Amy stands at her mother’s hospital bedside, she wonders if she was right in the first place: Kerry lied about being pregnant then persuaded everyone she was telling the truth.

Adam and Robbie certainly haven’t been truthful about what they’ve done. They’ve hidden Cain’s bloodied and battered car in one of Moira’s farm buildings and confessed nothing and, the morning after they mowed down Kerry, Robbie’s suddenly gone to see a mate in Manchester. That should make everyone suspicious as Robbie doesn’t have mates. Neither does Adam, really, and he’s in desperate need of help, so he turns to Cain. Trouble is, Moira’s found Cain’s car and thinks it’s Cain who has been up to no good.

Nikhil’s jealous when he finds out what Gennie’s been up to behind his back: she’s been having driving lessons from Rishi. Gennie agrees he can take over as her teacher, but only if he goes back to work at the factory – where he can drive everyone crazy again!