With Sarah still trying to persuade her to exercise to work off her ‘puppy’ fat, Amy is finding it increasingly hard to keep her pregnancy a secret. And at school, Amy is forced to try to hide her contraction pains from Michaela and Josh. Suspecting something is up, Josh invites Amy back to his house and she accepts. But Amy’s contractions become so unbearable she ends up having to flee from the Ashworths.

John-Paul is still coming to terms with his sexuality, so isn’t too impressed when Carmel signs him up to a gay website. He’s more agreeable to Russ’s suggestion that they pay a visit to a gay bar – as long as Russ goes with him.

Nancy and Jake struggle to look after baby Charlie while they grieve for Becca, with Jake horrified at how close he came to killing Justin. Nancy snaps at Sarah when she tries to cheer her up, but her irritation turns to grief when she finds a keepsake box that belonged to Becca.

Also, Tom announces that he wants to go on the school climbing trip, but Max and OB don’t have the cash, so attempt to take Tom ‘climbing’ in the flat. But their efforts only cause Tom to want the real thing even more…

*Shown on TV3 on Monday March 26*