Amy’s bedside manner is brutal!

She really didn’t want to, but Amy is falling in love with her son – and that’s why she goes to see Cain to tell him she might keep the baby he ordered her to get rid of. Standing at Cain’s bedside and full of loathing for the man who has terrorised her and made her feel worthless, Amy tells him what she thinks of him. She thinks he’s unconscious but cunning Cain has heard every word Amy has said…

Later, at her baby’s side, Amy is overwhelmed by her maternal instincts. Without thinking, she reaches in to the cot to touch her son and calls him Kyle. So her little boy has a name and, watching from outside the nursery, Zak hopes he has a mother.

Jai hopes his world isn’t about to fall apart, but it seems likely that it will as Cain has named him as his attacker. Jai’s worried for his future – and so is Charity. She wants to protect Jai, but it seems there’s little she can do to ward off Cain’s evil.

It’s Cain’s evil that is influencing life at Butler’s Farm, too. The Bartons are still a family at war and it looks very unlikely that peace will break out for Christmas.