We know Amy can lie like a rug and is capable of blackmail. But what else has she been up to that we don’t know about? Looks like we’re going to find out from Jared, a lad who spooks Amy when he turns up at the housewarming party she planned (the one Val and Pollard haven’t been invited to and, in fact, don’t even know about!) Amy finds Jared talking to Belle – who’s showing her Dingle DNA by getting drunk. Amy actually shows signs of maturity by telling Belle to go home then turns her attention to Jared, who has turned his attention to Hannah. It’s clear Amy knows Jared and she wants him gone. So, it’s party over and everyone out. But before he goes, Jared grabs Amy and tells her it’s payback time.

Leyla wants something, too; she wants to keep Jacob in Emmerdale. So, her next move is to try to persuade Debbie that it would be best for Sarah if Andy didn’t move to Spain. If he doesn’t go, then Alicia and Jacob won’t go, either.

Declan still wants Ella to go as far away as possible, but Jai warns him that if he pushes her too far away, Mia might follow.