The race is on to find little Amy Tennant, who has been missing for a year. Detective inspectors Neil Manson and Samantha Nixon are desperate to track down family friend Shelley Fitzgerald, who was spotted with Amy on CCTV just hours ago.

Pcs Roger Valentine and Dan Casper question Shelley’s partner, Felix Kerbellec, who claims not to know anything about the abduction. Neil and Sam persuade Felix to trap Shelley by calling her on her mobile but CID lose the link when Shelley becomes suspicious and dumps her phone.

Meanwhile, Pc Emma Hinckley finds out more about Shelley’s childhood from her mother and realises that Shelley and Amy could be heading for Brighton. Pc Lewis Hardy tries to boost Emma’s confidence after the breakthrough – but husband Matt continues to undermine her.

The net closes in on Shelley as James Tennant and officers from Sun Hill head for the Sussex coast. After a long search, Shelley and Amy are seen on the beach and, with DS Stuart Turner holding back elated dad James, Neil tries to persuade a volatile Shelley to give the little girl up.

Will father and daughter finally be reunited?