Amy’s desperately trying to avoid Harry, following their night together, as she arrives at work with husband Raf. And it seems she’s feeling particularly sensitive as she’s very weepy and Mr Thompson’s kipper breakfast is making her feel queasy. Suspecting she might be pregnant, Amy does a pregnancy test – and it’s positive! Amy’s overjoyed that she’s finally going to be a mum but is the father of the baby Raf – or Harry?

Hopeful it’s her husband’s child, Amy breaks the news to Raf and he’s delighted. Wanting to leave Holby to protect her marriage, Amy encourages Raf to apply for a job abroad – but he’s adamant that, with a baby on the way, they should stay put. However, when Harry makes it clear that he’ll keep their affair a secret if she can help him work more closely with her husband, Amy realises he’s going to be in her life for a very long time…

Meanwhile, Deputy CEO Serena’s mother Adrienne, returns to Holby to visit the warden of her flats, Roger, who’s had a fall. Roger confides in Serena that his accident happened after Adrienne flooded her bathroom. In fact, not only did Adrienne forget to turn the taps off, she’d forgotten about even running a bath!

Later, Adrienne accidentally gives Roger a drink containing soluble aspirin, which he’s allergic to, and he goes into life-threatening anaphylactic shock! After stabilising Roger, Serena has to admit her mum has dementia, and needs constant care. Will she put her mum in a nursing home, or look after her herself?

Also, desperate to escape ‘Dr Mo’, Adele finds her way on to Darwin and immediately on the wrong side of Jac Naylor! But with Jonny’s help can she manage to prove her worth and reveal her true potential?