Kathy, Mike and Sarah struggle to deal with Amy’s newborn baby, and when Amy comes home from hospital, Kathy and Mike fire questions at their daughter about the identity of the baby’s father. They’re stunned when Amy reveals her baby’s dad was a lad she met in a local park, and suggest putting the baby up for adoption. Later, Amy turns to Sarah for comfort, but finds it difficult to cope with the practicalities of looking after her newborn baby.

John-Paul and Mercedes are at loggerheads following her outburst at the gay club, and Mercedes ignores Tina and Myra’s pleas to apologise to her brother. But just as it looks like the siblings may never speak to each other again, Mercedes decides to make amends in her own way.

Max isn’t too impressed with OB’s bright idea to set up a hotdog stand by the school, but realises he has little choice in the matter when he wakes up to find the stand in his living room. A reluctant Max helps OB with the food preparation, and the pair are thrilled when they are inundated with eager customers outside the school. And it seems they might get some useful publicity too, when a reporter for the Chester Herald turns up.

*Shown on TV3 on Wednesday March 28*