Amy’s lies continue

With Amy finding it hard to cope with her deceit over baby Leah, Ste is adamant they need the charitable donations to keep them afloat. Unaware that Sarah is promoting cancer awareness on the radio to help Leah, Amy anonymously donates their money to Charlie’s cancer fund to ease her guilt. She’s later dismayed when Sarah and Nancy present her with half of Charlie’s cancer fund for Leah. Amy tries to persuade them she doesn’t need the money, but is interrupted by a television reporter who wants to do a feature on Leah. Will Amy finally come clean? Justin, Katy and Zak are weighed down by their infidelities, with Justin agitated when Katy encourages him to contact Nancy to see how Charlie is. Justin leaves, and Zak and Katy admit their feelings for each other are genuine and Zak is thrilled when Katy promises to end her relationship with Justin. At the hospital, Justin tells Nancy he’s in love with Katy, and they agree the previous night was a mistake. Jack tells Frankie that Jake has been admitted for psychiatric treatment, prompting Frankie to blame Steph for Jake’s condition. But Steph has had enough, and throws Frankie out of the flat, telling her she never wants to see her again. VIDEO: Click here for Hollyoaks preview clips and backstage gossip