Amy’s mum causes more drama

Amy hears from Brenda that her mum, Kerry, is in hospital in a diabetic coma. Now is that good news or bad news? Well, it’s bad news for Kerry, obviously. But it’s good news for Val because she and Pollard unite in their concern about Amy. But when they tell Amy about her mum she insists she’s not fussed if her mum lives or dies. Really?! Well, that’s what she says, but Amy’s not going to be able to turn her back on her mum the way her mum turned her back on her.

Moira should turn her back on Alex and let him get on with sorting out his lover’s tiff with Victoria. But she doesn’t. She tells Victoria that Alex misses her. She doesn’t tell Victoria that Alex is so heartbroken he tried to stick his tongue down her throat. That would be giving Victoria mixed signals – and she saves those for Alex. She tells him Victoria is missing him – and then flirts with him some more!

Charity’s very focused on what she’s doing – which is negotiating haulage business away from Carl and Jimmy. She’s good at it, too – but she’s calling herself Miss Tate. Not a surname you’d think she’d want to use again as the man who gave it to her framed her for his murder.