Amy’s party gets out of hand

Amy throws a party while her family are away but is worried when Michaela posts invitations on the internet. The party gets out of hand as more and more guests arrive, but Amy is saved by Ste.

Although she’s feeling excluded from her kids’ lives, Myra puts on a front when she sees Frankie and books a table in The Dog for a family meal. However, Myra is upset when her kids start leaving the table one by one and Carmel is forced to cancel a drink with Russell to escort her distressed mum home.

Nancy is embarrassed when she has to take a call from Jake in her lecture and is further unhappy to hear him laughing in the background with Russell. Her lecturer isn’t impressed and asks her to stay behind after class. But Nancy is disappointed when all he does is talk about Becca, and is frustrated that everything she does is in comparison to her sister.

With Zoe and Jessica at loggerheads, fed up Kris locks them in Jessica’s room, refusing to let them leave until they’ve made up. The girls aren’t happy but are forced to make amends after seeing footage of their behaviour on Zak’s phone.