Amy’s paternity results arrive!

Roxy is frustrated when the post is late and she has to go to the hospital without getting the DNA results. Roxy asks Christian to sign for the letter for her and pick it up from the sorting office. Christian delivers the results and Roxy takes a peek, but is forced to hide it in a box of crisps when Billy causes an altercation. Roxy is horrified when she discovers that the results have gone missing. She confesses to Christian that Sean is not Amy’s father…

Tony is released on bail and turns up at the Jacksons’ to confront Whitney and Bianca. Tony is taken aback when Whitney snaps and tells him to leave them alone. Ricky forces Tony out of the house. Whitney finally realises that Tony was using her all along and she tells Bianca that she’s ready to talk to the police.

Denise sees a bruised and bloodied Lucas and finds out that Lucas hospitalised his attackers. Lucas tells Denise that he’s closing the youth club as he’s let himself down. Denise tells Lucas if he walks out on the youth club he’s walking out on her, but she’s left devastated when he leaves Walford.

Also, Tamwar comes up with another business idea.

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