Amy’s secret is out!

Amy decides to go along with Ste’s plan to pretend Leah has recovered from leukaemia, but insists they tell Mike first. Unable to find Mike, they bump into Michaela who proposes a celebration at Il Gnosh. Michaela is interviewing the happy parents and Tony pouring champagne, when Mike turns up demanding to know what’s going on. Amy tries to make an excuse but Mike reveals to the party, and a stunned Nancy, that Leah never had leukaemia in the first place. Amy and Ste are forced to leave in shame.

At the hospital, Nancy is stunned when Frankie arrives with the social worker, and delivers the news that Charlie will be coming home with her. Nancy accuses Frankie of going behind her back but Frankie promises Nancy she can see Charlie whenever she wants.

Seeing Jacqui and Dom continue to be uncomfortable in each other’s company, Tina and Tony insist that they all spend the day together. At The Dog, Jacqui persists in mocking Dom, and Tina becomes increasingly irritated by their arguing. Things turn worse when Tina unwittingly reveals to Jack that she is pregnant, leaving Jacqui furious.

Also, Jack and Darren try to come up with ways to make more cash for The Dog.

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