Amy’s sports day gets competitive!

As Tracy makes plans with Steve for Amy’s sports day later she turns it into a row for Lloyd and Eileen’s benefit. But at Fare Ladies Tracy takes the keys to the cars and furtively opens the petrol caps. When the cars fail to start an annoyed Lloyd calls Tyrone, who reveals they’ve been sabotaged. Lloyd’s gutted, revealing to Eileen that the cost of repairs could put him out of business. Unable to hold her tongue any longer Eileen suggests he has a mole in his camp.

When Simon asks if Nick can come to the birthday tea Peter’s putting on for him he’s forced to agree. But when Peter hears Nick is also going to Simon’s sports day he resents him muscling in on his territory. This isn’t helped when Simon insists Nick take part in the Dad’s sack race and the two men face off, with Nick winning!

Anna’s chuffed when Roy tells her to finish work early and go to Faye’s sports day to surprise her. But when Anna arrives Faye is nowhere to be seen

Also, Izzy’s scared about her pregnancy and visits Dr Carter to discuss how her condition will affect her ability to carry the child.

*Second Episode 8.30pm*

Steve’s watching Amy at sports day when Lloyd comes charging towards him. Realising he’s baying for blood Steve runs, but Lloyd catches up with him and tackling him to the ground a fight ensues as the kids watch in horror. Arriving at the scene Tracy’s forced to confess to sabotaging Lloyd’s cabs. Steve’s furious and as Brian gives them both a lecture Steve apologises to Lloyd before returning to the street to have it out with Tracy. Admitting he should never have got involved with her again, Tracy’s hurt – she was trying to save his business and expected him to be grateful.

Peter’s still smarting after events at sports day, but as they arrive back at his he’s determined to impress Simon with his birthday tea. Carla’s best efforts are recognised and Peter, Carla, Leanne and Nick try to rub along together.

When Anna finds Faye at home she rails at her for bunking off school. Faye stomps out but when a classmate confronts her on the street, bullying her about being adopted, her behaviour is explained.

Also, Izzy admits she’s not ready to tell people about her pregnancy as she worries about how dad Owen might react.