At the Campus, Zara treats two-year-old Rosie, whose foster mother Debbie has brought her in with a rash. Debbie mentions Rosie’s been with them for six months and they’re hoping to adopt her. Zara knows Debbie from the fertility clinic, where Debbie’s treatment was unsuccessful, and is pleased they now have Rosie. But after examining the toddler, Zara asks them to wait outside while she speaks to Rosie’s social worker. 

Zara tells Debbie she’d like to run blood tests on Rosie but later visits Debbie with some devastating news: Rosie’s HIV positive, saying it’s possible Rosie was infected by a dirty needle from her drug addict mother. Debbie now thinks Rosie will be better off with someone else and doesn’t want to adopt her anymore. Husband Ray says the tot she needs them now more than ever and gets angry when Debbie won’t stop packing Rosie’s suitcase.

Later, Zara talks to Debbie, this time as a friend, and tries to reassure her that, with the right treatment, Rosie can live a happy life but she’ll need strong parents to fight for her and if Debbie can’t do that she should walk away. Debbie apologises to Ray and cuddles Rosie – mummy loves her.

Also, a fragment of Karen’s memory returns, and Mandy resolves to sort things out with Lois once and for all.