An all-new, not-so-nice Nurse Donna returns

Normally bubbly Donna Jackson returns to Holby City a changed woman after a leave of absence this week. No longer the friendly face of the hospital’s nursing staff, the soured Sister finds the return to work frustrating following the departure of her new love Kieran with the army to Afghanistan.

To make matters worse, Donna clashes with a new member of staff, relief nurse Jerry, who has 30 years of nursing experience. Unhappy that Jerry seems to be undermining her position, Donna resorts to ridiculing him in front of her nursing team and in the end, forces him to quit the job after just one day. It’s only when honest Elizabeth gives Donna some home truths that she realises she’s taking out her unhappiness on those around her. But what will Donna do next?

Also this week: Elliot discovers Greg and Mary-Claire in a compromising position; Chrissie grows closer to Sacha.