Ruby struggles to deal with the fact that Charlie’s her mum and tells Angelo that she hates her. He explains that Charlie was raped and Ruby realises the web of lies she’s been told for years. Saying she can’t live with Charlie, Ruby throws Xavier by asking if she can live with him. Martha approves, so Xavier accepts the idea, but when Charlie finds out, she and Martha row. Ruby is hurt when Xavier suggests that she gets Charlie’s permission to move in with him, and, seeing this as a final betrayal, she storms out on all of them.

Tony and Rachel worry that Rex and Jane have been trying to approach them since the negligence charges were dropped. Jane’s been seen near Tony’s house, and has clashed verbally with Rachel. Then Rex turns up at the gym but surprises Tony by apologising, admitting Jane had been trying to get to them and that she needs psychiatric help.

Angelo is tipped off that an abalone deal is occurring that night at the Pier and goes down to stake it out. While there, he spies Wulan, the illegal immigrant who escaped from hospital, lurking in the shadows and decides to arrest him, missing out on the abalone deal.

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