Paige tells Brad and Lauren about Brennan and Dakota’s kiss and they are convinced there’s been a misunderstanding. Meanwhile, Dakota tells Brennan she’s got a meeting with some suppliers, so he puts a call in with the AFP, not realising his investigation is affecting his relationship. It’s not until Brad tells him to treat Paige well that Brennan asks Paige if everything’s OK. It’s an opportunity for Paige to open up… but she decides to deal with ‘skanky’ Dakota instead and destroys her laptop.

Chris is home from hospital but Nate is worried about caring for his sick boyfriend. Later, tensions flare when Chris learns Nate almost beat up Josh. After Nate opens up to Chris, the couple make steps forward, but when Chris’s mood darkens again, Nate has a panic attack and Karl’s concerned he’s taking on too much.

Sonya and Toadie give Mal some valuable advice: life with kids is about learning on the job – it’s a bumpy ride but it’s totally worth it. Mal couldn’t agree more and leaves Ramsay Street, ready to be a father.