Laurel’s chance to play marriage counsellor arrives with Vincent. But before she can say anything to him he discovers that Sally has been staying at the vicarage all along and races over there. The estranged couple is soon arguing and Ashley arrives to see Vincent verbally attacking Sally. Feeling outnumbered and deceived, a furious Vincent turns on Ashley just as Laurel appears. Was she wrong to doubt Sally?

Another woman full of doubts is Faye. She’s been hearing rumours about son Ryan’s girlfriend, Katie, and wonders if he’s hooked up with trouble. Faye invites her to dinner so she can find out just what it was Katie did. Dinner turns out to be a plateful of suspicions, washed down with a glass of not-so-subtle questions. Katie quickly realises what Faye’s up to and angrily reveals the details of her colourful past (teenage pregnancy, affair with brother-in-law, divorce, surrogate motherhood…). Then she storms out, followed by Ryan. But what will he have to say about it all?

And why is Mark so interested in Faye’s dinner party? That’s what Natasha wants to know. She suggests he pay a bit more attention to his own children and, feeling guilty, Mark tries to reconcile with Nathan. Is he ready to forgive the sins of his father?

*Second episode*

It has all kicked off at the vicarage, with Ashley and Vincent squaring up to each other. Vincent doesn’t understand Sally’s self-pity and is determined to take her home, even thumping Ashley in a bid to get him out of the way. Sally immediately says she’s lived with this behaviour for years and a defeated Vincent leaves, while Ashley comforts the tearful Sally. Laurel guiltily confesses that she’s the one who called Vincent and Sally packs her bags. At last! But Laurel stops her leaving, unable to let Sally return to such a vicious husband.

Like Laurel, Mark can’t resist meddling and when he sees Ryan and Katie he wants to know why their dinner with Faye ended so early. Not satisfied with their answer, he invites himself in for a drink with Faye at Tenant House. Never one to miss an opportunity to toy with her bigamous husband, Faye lures Mark into a conversation about their good old days. Just how strong is Mark’s willpower?

And for how long will Leyla be won over by Nathan’s charm offensive? He does David a business favour and Leyla’s very impressed. Pollard, however, warns David to be careful…