An anxious Karen sees her counsellor

Karen nervously arrives to see her counsellor Anna; she wants to talk about her children. Karen talks about how well things are going with Rob and yet she can’t find the same connection with Jack and Immie because there’s no shared history to speak of. Anna advises that a new relationship and memories can always be formed. Anna senses that Karen’s holding something back as they are interrupted by the fire alarm.

Outside, Karen tries to call Rob but gets no answer, then, when they resume their session, she finally admits she tried to kiss Jack. Anna’s calm and considered – it’s no big deal and she shouldn’t worry about it but Karen does need to stop avoiding him. Anna suggests the family all come together for a counselling session – but first she wants to see just Karen and Rob. Karen admits that might not be possible because there is no her and Rob!

Meanwhile, Zara tries to make a heavily pregnant smoker, Jade, realise the harm that smoking does to an unborn baby. But will Jade take her advice?

And, when he tries to help an elderly couple, Kevin faces a moral dilemma which could put him on the wrong side of the law…