The Braxtons anxiously await the jury’s verdict and a pessimistic Heath wants them to spend the night hanging out drinking with Brax and Casey. A happy evening is followed by an early morning surf after which Brax gets a call from the lawyer – the verdict is in. Bianca is upset at Heath’s rejection of her, and April and Irene offer their support. She seems to be getting back to normal and regrets having given away Rocco’s stuff but is pleasantly surprised to find that Irene’s kept some of it just in case.

Later, Bianca is persuaded to try again with Heath and heads down to the beach. But Heath will have nothing to do with her and walks off without speaking. Romeo accompanies Dex to the hospital for his tests and has to promise not to tell anyone about his friend’s seizure.

However, Sid calls and Romeo has to lie about where they are, appalling Dex with his poor attempts at a cover story. The tests are inconclusive and the specialist wants Dex to stay in for the night, requiring Romeo to collect his things and come up with another story for Sid and Indi.