As Eleanor Waite nears the end of her life she finds herself haunted by memories of the past, her unhappy marriage to Walter and the love of her life Susie Lambert whom she met in a café in 1962.  We flashback between the young Ellie of then and the elderly Eleanor of now, who meets Mandy in the very same café.  Meanwhile, Mandy has found herself thinking of Freya and has been to visit her grave. She’s got a day off and is drawn to Eleanor after she helps her in the café during a dizzy spell. 

Mandy helps Eleanor hobble along with her walking stick as she sets out to buy some replacement orthopaedic shoes. Mandy notices that Eleanor is drawn to a pair of 1960’s silver pumps – she encourages her to try them on but we see that they only serve to remind Eleanor of the day she tried to leave Walter and was threatened by the loss of her children if she went.  As Eleanor’s memories take her back to the past, she shares with Mandy their mutual feelings of loss and Mandy persuades Eleanor to buy the silver shoes. 

Eleanor puts them on before leaving the shop, dropping her old shoes and wedding ring into the bin as she goes. Mandy watches her, as with sudden purpose, she lets go of her walking stick and almost glides across the pavement before falling to the ground. Mandy rushes over in alarm and orders the shop manager to call an ambulance. In Eleanor’s mind, we see her younger self encouraging her to get up, put on her silver shoes and find Susie.  We hear Eleanor’s slowing heartbeat as the young Ellie is reunited with Susie on a dancefloor.

Back at home, Mandy removes Freya’s necklace from around her neck and places it into a memento box.