An emotional Fiz reveals all to Chesney

Fiz reaches breaking point, but as she battles her emotions, Hope is taken off her ventilator and starts to breathe by herself. Overcome with relief Fiz is nonetheless worried about the financial burden she now faces – a sick husband, sick child and no money coming in. When Chesney reveals that a stranger called at the house looking for Colin Fishwick it all becomes too much for Fiz and she finally breaks down.

Owen faces the combined might of Eileen and Julie. He’s intrigued when Eileen tells him she needs to see him. He calls at No 11 where Eileen hands him a cheque for 10,000 pounds. But then she reveals the copies of the documents proving his tax evasion and theft.

Russ fears Chris will be sent to prison. He worries as he listens to Lloyd and Cheryl arguing about Chris. Meanwhile, Chris tells Maria that he no longer has feelings for Cheryl, he just doesn’t like Lloyd trying to be Russ’s dad. But she doesn’t believe him.

Also, Tracy arrives home and vows to get her revenge on Claire Peacock. But it’s touch and go as to whether anyone will reveal her whereabouts to Tracy; Gary finds out from his CO whether he’s welcome back in the army after his arrest.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Hope has taken a turn for the worse. She has a hole in her heart and is back on a ventilator, her life hanging in the balance once more. As they wait by her incubator, Fiz tells a shocked Chesney everything about John’s double life as Colin Fishwick

Gary arrives home and breaks the news of his arrest to his parents and what it means for his army career. As he confesses all to Anna and Eddie, he fears that he has destroyed his future.

Sean and Julie congratulate Eileen on beating Owen and vow to find her a new job. She’s thrilled when Carla gives her a post in the packing department at the factory, and relishes the prospect of a whole new future. But meanwhile, Owen is out for revenge.

Also; Cheryl begs Lloyd not to implicate Chris in the robbery for Russ’s sake. But then the police inform Lloyd that Billy’s been arrested and not his accomplice; Deirdre’s upset as Tracy is snubbed by everyone on the street.

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