An epidemic throws the wedding into disarray

Spanish Flu sweeps through Downton, leaving Carson, Lavinia and Cora very ill. Lavinia and Matthew’s wedding preparations are thrown into disarray and she catches Matthew and Mary kissing and later takes a turn for the worst and dies. Matthew feels responsible and is adamant that he and Mary do not deserve to be together.

Anna tells Bates they should marry, but there’s a shock in store when he’s arrested for Vera’s murder!

As O’Brien looks after a sick Cora and tries to confess her past sins, Robert kisses a smitten Jane, but she decides to leave as Cora rallies.

Ethel is pleased when she discovers that Major Bryant’s parents ask to see Charlie, but when they want to give him a new life without her involvement, she cannot part with him.

Branson has got a job as a journalist in Dublin and Sybil is determined to go with him, but when he announces the news, Robert unsuccessfully tries to pay him off, then later gives them his blessing.

A cunning Thomas makes himself indispensable by helping out the stricken household and Carson realises he cannot get rid of him.