A former pupil causes trouble at Waterloo Road this week, when Bolton Smilie makes a return to the school!


Unexpectedly, Bolton turns up wearing his army uniform and wanting to pay Tom a visit. However, his appearance has coincided with the news that the Pupil Referral Unit is underperforming and is potentially facing closure. Lorraine steps up to make the big announcement, but she’s surprised to find that Rhiannon is desperate for the unit to stay open.


The wayward pupil thinks that Waterloo Road’s PRU is her last chance at a prosperous future, and Rihannon begs with Lorraine not to put a stop to her only hope.


Meanwhile, Connor is back at school. This sparks Dynasty and Kacey to plot their revenge, as they’re determined to make him pay for what he’s done to Imogen. However, when she sees how the Barrys are treating her ex-boyfriend, Imogen begins questioning how she really feels about Connor. Later, when the Barrys decide to attack Connor, Imogen steps in – hence realising her strong feelings for her ex.


Later, Lorraine asks Bolton to deliver a speech to everyone at the school. However, after being pushed and pushed by Grantly, Bolton ends up snapping and showing his true colours. If that wasn’t bad enough, the Military Police arrive at the school and reveal that they’re on the hunt for Bolton. He is then swiftly taken away.