Following last week’s cliffhanger, Lenny and injured fire officer, Frank, manage to escape the electrical fire raging in the basement of ill-fated Holby General.

Meanwhile, oblivious to the dangers downstairs, an incensed Jay confronts Ruth and demands to know why she’s dumping him – again! She cuts him short and storms off.

Lenny and Frank manage to raise the alarm about the fire and Jordan orders an immediate evacuation of the building. Dylan and Zoe, however, become trapped while trying to treat Frank. While they wait to be rescued the medics do some straight talking…

Jay and Ruth’s argument continues in her office. They’re cut short when the second fire alarm sounds, alerting them to the bedlam below. But it’s too late – they are also trapped.

With teenager Lily in tow, Jay and Ruth frantically search for a way out. Desperate, they clamber through the air-con vent. The troubled couple are separated from Lily when she takes a wrong turn. Jay and Ruth make to the relative safety of the hospital roof, but they have no chance of reaching Lily as the emergency stairs are engulfed.

Elsewhere, Dylan and Zoe are still trapped and both are coping in their own way. Zoe produces a bottle of gin she’s stashed, while Dylan prepares fatal syringes in case the fire threatens to overcome them!

Noel rings the trapped medics’ next of kin and makes a startling discovery – Sam is Dylan’s wife!

Zoe and Dylan make it to safety – as does Lily and a newly reconnected Ruth and Jay. Ruth announces her pregnancy to the rest of the gang, and the following morning she drives off into the sunset with Jay, determined to make a new, happier start.

Charlie and Jordan survey the damage of the gutted hospital and also plan a new start…