An old flame complicates Carrie’s life

Scarlett and Daz have slept rough in one of the cars at the garage. Carrie is unconcerned by Scarlett’s absence as she knows that Scarlett always returns after one of her disappearances. But she begins to get worried when she learns that Daz is also missing. Scarlett returns home and breaks down on Jimmy, revealing that she doesn’t want to move to Canada. Jimmy confronts Carrie about her plans and when Carrie’s old flame Nick turns up to find out what she wants to do about his job offer Carrie is torn.

Nicola is downhearted about having to take Donald back to Holdgate. Miles tries to convince Donald to return to his own home but Donald insists he wants to start a new life with his wife! Later, Nicola tries to sneak out to see David but a wily Donald asks her to stay in and run him a bath.

Val offers to do lunch at the Woolpack when Marlon calls in sick, but she misreads the quiche recipe and it’s a total disaster. Jonny worries when he points out that Val was struggling to read something the other day and Val furiously denies there’s a problem.

Also, Eli covers his tracks with Zak over the cannabis plants.