An unfair cop?


Hung over from a hen night, Rachel’s day goes from bad to worse when DCI Julie Dodson arrives at the station to tell her that Nick Savage has been brutally assaulted and that she’s top of the list of suspects. Feeling vulnerable and scared, and unable to recall the events of the previous night, Rachel is struggling to convince even herself that she didn’t do it!

Having thought she’d made her peace with Andy, Janet is shocked to discover that Andy has given her misinformation, resulting in Gill missing an appointment with the Coroner. Unable to get to the bottom of who is messing her around, a furious and heartbroken Gill tells Janet and Andy that one of them will have to leave the syndicate.

When Gill first meets Margaret Selwyn, it’s to tell her that her husband’s death seems to have been accidental – he slipped in the bath and banged his head. But when Margaret’s two daughters, Joanne and Catherine, tell Janet that their mother often talked of her plans to kill their dad, Gill is forced to reinvestigate the case.