As the racist thugs threaten Lloyd, throwing him against a wall, Paul suddenly arrives. Realising what’s going on he jumps to Lloyd’s defence. As the thugs back off, Lloyd thanks Paul for coming to his rescue. Paul apologises to Lloyd, admitting he was in the wrong from the beginning and they finally bury the hatchet. But Paul’s apology may be too little too late for Eileen as the rift widens between the couple.

When the consultant tells Gail and Leanne that they’re reducing Nick’s sedation and he should regain consciousness soon, David is worried.

Stella deposits Craig with Beth and explains how she found him drinking. Karl tries to make light of it, but consumed with misery, Craig contemplates owning up to Beth about the fire.

Also, determined to try and win Faye round, Sally tells Anna they’re having a Bank Holiday BBQ. But rising to the bait Anna retorts that Faye won’t be there as they’re having their own BBQ. Peter feels belittled by Carla as she witters on about the horribly expensive wedding dress she’s buying. Stella tells an unimpressed Tina that she’d like her to do a few shifts at the Bistro to help Leanne out.