Ancient secrets

With the palladium still missing and Pasiphae’s troops on the warpath, Atlantis is on the brink of collapse. Ariadne knows that her army is wilting under the pressure and that she’s likely to be shown little mercy by Pasiphae.

‘I have dreamt of the day I would retake the throne, now it has finally come,’ cackles Pasiphae. Meanwhile, Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules are desperately trying to return the palladium to its rightful place.

But, before they can do that they must face a cyclops, who’s keen to have them all as his dinner. Hercules, though, for once lives up to his name and defeats the cyclops.

Back at the palace, the traitorous Lord Sarpedon (Robert Pugh) suddenly has a change of heart and confesses all to Ariadne.

Desperate for redemption, Lord Sarpedon volunteers to assassinate Pasiphae, but his plan fails.

In the forests, Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules run into some deserters from Atlantis and, after they see he has the palladium, they agree to return to the city to fight.

Pretending to be dead, the boys manage to return to Atlantis. The deserters return in the nick of time to save Atlantis.

Ariadne tells Jason they cannot marry due to his lack of royal blood and Hercules learns Jason’s dark secret.