OK, it’s not as short as Chas and Dan’s marriage and no one’s died (yet…) but it still looks like Katie and Declan’s marital union is a spectacular failure. Barely three months after they made their vows their marriage has fallen apart – and Declan blames Andy. Well, it’s Andy’s nicely muscled shoulder that Katie’s been crying on because she can’t have any more children. Declan has tried to talk to her, but she won’t listen and he’s tried to love her and she just won’t let him. Instead, she’s leaving – Declan and Emmerdale. And when she’s gone Declan wants to lash out – at Andy. But it’s Declan who’s decked by Andy and left lying on the pub floor.

Gabby’s lying, too… She wants some money from Bernice for a school trip, but doesn’t get any. She asks Ashley, but he doesn’t have any money for school trips and isn’t sure she deserves to go anyway. Gabby thinks she does, though, so she swipes the money from the pub till. Then she tells Laurel that Bernice gave her the money. That makes Gabby a liar and a thief… and not one of her parents – Laurel, Ashley or Bernice – has noticed.

Debbie has noticed that rotten Robbie isn’t so rotten around her and decides to exploit his feelings by giving him a job and paying him peanuts.