And it’s goodbye again from the Bartons

Three months ago, Moira, Adam, Holly and Hannah had to say goodbye to farmer John after he died in that horrific car accident. Now the Bartons face another emotional farewell after Hannah insists she’s going to London with Holly. Realising she has to let her baby girl spread her wings, Moira gives Hannah her blessing. The girls head off to The Woolpack to say their goodbyes, but Adam can’t celebrate the loss of both his sisters. He does turn up to wish them luck, though, and the family has a tearful group hug before the girls set off to begin the rest of their lives.

Alicia wants the rest of her life to be with David and has agreed to marry him. But he doesn’t see the marriage lasting long. He’s only marrying her so he can legally take care of Jacob if she goes to prison for decking Val. After that’s all out of the way, he says, they’ll tell Jacob they’ve realised that they’re better off as mates and end the marriage. Trouble is, Alicia sees David as more than a mate – but he doesn’t know that.

Priya does know stuff about Declan that she shouldn’t be talking about, but she does, telling Robbie how Declan’s ex, Ella, had an affair with Adam.