And so to bed for Carl and Eve

Those sneaky fumbles round the back of The Woolpack and snatched kisses under Chas’s nose were never going to be enough for Carl… he wants more and so does dirty flirty Eve. Next step, then, is a hotel room – and thank goodness for that. At least that way there’s no danger of Edna catching them in the act and keeling over with the shock of seeing more of Master Carl than is decent for a woman of her delicate disposition. The cheating pair enjoy their afternoon delight, but what next? Will Carl dump Chas? Or will Eve regret being so sinful? Hahaha… As if.

Maisie does have a conscience and it’s tortured by the possibility that Ryan is innocent. Talking things through with Nikhil, she remembers Nathan was with her when she lost her phone that had photographic evidence to help Ryan. Meanwhile, Mark’s body is released for burial, but Maisie is still digging for the truth.

Nicola is struggling to cope in The Woolpack and when she’s not there to hear Angelica say her first word – ‘Mummy’ (sure that wasn’t ‘Dummy’?) – she starts to rethink her family’s future, which is bound to mean more grief for Jimmy.

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