And then Marlon kissed Laurel (almost!)

What?! Really?! Oh, yes… There’s much more than just food cooking when Marlon and Laurel get together to work on his cookery book. There’s a whole pot of Love Soup bubbling between them and neither of them wants to take it off the stove. At the same time, though, they’re both scared to taste it (if you see what we mean). Laurel’s trying to tell Marlon that they can’t act on their feelings for each other and then they very nearly do! But they pull away before their lips touch and got a taste of what they’re feeling…

Charity knows what she’s feeling: she’s feeling like a December wedding and she sets the date. It’s not going to be a big, showy affair… Well, she’s had a few almost-marriages (Tom King, Michael Conway and, of course, cousin Cain) that have blown up in her face so perhaps it’s best that she keep this a small, intimate affair. (Ooops! Could jinx things with the word ‘affair’!)

In between wedding planning, Charity is winding up Carl – with Cameron’s help. Carl’s not at all happy about having competition for haulage business – and is particularly narked that Cameron’s got business from Jai and Nikhil. The fact is, though, that Cameron’s cheaper.