Andrea lies to an ill, bed-ridden Lloyd

Steve blames himself for Lloyd’s heart attack. Andrea turns up at the hospital and lies to Lloyd about having to rush to the aid of a friend, meaning she couldn’t turn up to the race. Lloyd believes her, but Jenna is not so easily fooled, and starts to doubt Andrea’s intentions…

Anna’s behaviour becomes increasingly erratic until she snaps at Faye. Owen starts to worry and ponders whether money worries are the root of the problem. With his business his biggest asset, he starts preparations to sell it.

Elsewhere, Jason tells Tim he needs to fight to win Sally back after storming off. He goes round to collect his stuff, but he steals a kiss… and Sally kisses him back.

Rita tells Dennis she no longer trusts him. And Julie gives Izzy the charity money from the race and Izzy promises to add it to the fund.