Rebecca offers to help Paul cut costs in a bid to help save money for his businesses. Playing down his financial concerns, he offers her a trivial challenge to keep her busy, but assures her that nothing more needs to be done. In the meantime, Paul turns to Declan for ways to take more serious action. Using Declan’s previous business recommendations for Lassiters as a starting point, Paul starts sacking staff – including Andrew.

Already angry with Declan for encouraging Harry to fight for Summer, Andrew believes Declan deliberately had him fired. Tensions increase in the Robinson household when Rebecca discovers that Paul has made big business decisions behind her back. When Declan steps in to prevent Andrew from pestering Kate, Andrew loses his cool and the outcome leads to a major division in the Robinson house.

Harry is unable to escape the double date set up by Summer but finds Renee isn’t bad company. When he tells Summer he’s not interested in Renee, she assumes he’s simply nervous about his inexperience with girls. While trying to build his confidence, she talks him up, leading Harry to hope he still has a chance… until Summer refers to him as a ‘friend’.

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