Natasha and Summer try to stop Andrew from confronting Declan about the footage of him at the building site. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Dr Doug tells Declan they’re going to bring Paul out of his medically-induced coma. Andrew arrives and asks Declan about the DVD who tells him that Paul was responsible, not him, and he can ask Paul when they bring him round. The boys finally call an end to their fighting and focus on identifying the man who appears to be following Andrew.

Ringo carries his new wife, Donna, over the threshold into their new home – The Kennedy’s! However, Donna struggles to relax in her new home and worries that Susan will ruin her clothes when she offers to do her washing.

When Natasha and Summer realise Andrew is being followed by the police, they step up their own investigations and their focus turns to Sonya. When they quiz Lucas about Sonya he works out exactly what they’re up to and tells them to stop.

However, Andrew is adamant Sonya is the one and pursues the case with Declan who calls an old boss of Sonya’s pretending he needs a reference. When they discover Sonya has a criminal record for assault, the boys and Natasha pay Sonya a visit. And so do the police.

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