Kate tries to get the pupils to take part in an art project for the council, but only Summer is interested. Seeing Kate struggling to get people to sign up, Sophie uses it to her advantage and says she’ll get involved and rally other students up if she can have her bass back. Kate agrees and Sophie’s even happier when she sees Noah signing up.

Later, at Harold’s, Andrew winds Noah up, suggesting he’s only doing the project to get better marks in history from Kate, but when he overreacts, Andrew realises Noah has a crush on Kate. When Andrew challenges Noah about it they end up fighting and Kate breaks it up demanding to know what it’s about.

Kyle’s sporting a black eye following his fight at Charlie’s the night before. When Lucas sees him, he’s shocked that Rhys let Kyle take the flack for the trouble he started by cracking onto someone else’s girlfriend. However, when he confronts Rhys, he explains that had he broken his hand while fighting he wouldn’t be able to work, and neither would Kyle, which is why he shouldn’t have got involved.

Kyle accepts this but a conversation with Chris about his argument with Lucas makes Kyle think Rhys has got off lightly and needs to apologise properly.