Andrew and Rebecca rekindle their romance

Paul and Rebecca kiss but Paul’s conscience gets the better of him and he decides to spend the night on the couch, rather than sleeping with Rebecca. But when Andrew arrives in the morning he informs Rebecca that Paul set him up. The men get territorial, and Rebecca rejects Paul, horrified that she fell for another of his devious plans. After some soul-searching, she rekindles the romance with Andrew. But Paul can’t let go of his jealousy and, with Sam’s help, he starts looking for ways to make Andrew pay.

Donna’s video gets huge interest on YouTube and Ty reveals to Rachel they’ve been contacted by a record company boss. Rachel isn’t sure if she is ready for fame – but it looks as if the decision might not be hers to make.

Toadie is determined to make Callum believe in Santa Claus, and so convinces Steve to put on the red suit and beard and pretend to be Santa. But Toadie’s plans backfire when Callum catches Steve out and Callum is furious that Toadie tried to fool him. But as they return to Ramsay Street, Callum’s faith is restored when he has a close encounter of the magical kind.

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