Andrew eventually convinces Tash that Ed’s socially awkward manner means he shouldn’t be part of the interview and Tash feels really guilty as she heads over to break the news to him. She’s thrown, however, when Ed asks her out and she turns him down, insisting she has other plans. Tash goes ahead with Andrew’s plan, but regrets her agreement when Andrew refers to Ed as ‘an unimportant tech guy’. She starts to explain Ed’s involvement to the journo when Ed bursts in furious that she and Andrew have gone ahead without him. Has Tash ruined things with him for good?

Toadie is disappointed when his unborn baby only seems to respond to Jade’s voice and, seeking other ways to be involved, decides to become Sonya’s birth coach. Sonya thinks he’s taking things to extremes, but when she learns that he’s feeling disconnected from the pregnancy, she agrees to his birth coach plan. Will she live to regret it?

Meanwhile, Callum is excited to show his crush and new neighbour Rani round the area, but is mortified when his parents’ antics embarrass him in front of her.