Andrew books himself into the hospital for the sleep test and Tash promises to handle things in his absence but Paul is so pleased with the way the Charlie’s is running he wants to buy his son a drink to celebrate. Wishing to enjoy his father’s praise for once, Andrew decides to stay but Tash is determined to get him to the hospital no matter what and threatens to tell Paul about his illness. The pressure gets to Andrew and he fits in front of Paul, forcing him to admit to his epilepsy when he recovers.

Chris is no better at playing guitar and it’s the night of the Open Mic contest at Charlie’s. Once the first act gets up on stage, Chris realises he’s going to make a fool of himself and begs Sophie to accompany him. She eventually relents and starts to enjoy playing but thinking he’s succeeded in rekindling her love of music Chris reveals that he’s been able to play all along! Feeling she’d been manipulated, a furious Sophie storms out, though Chris later sees her playing on her own. It seems he might have succeeded after all…

Haunted by reminders of Jade, Kyle seeks distraction at Toadie’s but a call from Jade soon brings him down again and Toadie suggests he look for another housemate to help him through.