Andrew finds Summer miserable and assumes it’s because she’s missing schoolies. Trying to raise her spirits, Andrew throws an end of school party. But after seeing the effect of Kate’s lies, Andrew pledges total honesty and admits he deleted Summer’s History Wall footage on purpose. With Andrew being so honest, Summer’s guilt is piqued, leading her to confide in Chris – revealing she cheated on her exam. But rather than reassuring her as Summer had expected, Chris urges her to come clean.

As Priya confronts Kate with Sophie’s claims that she kissed Noah, Kate desperately fights to save her career – and is forced to watch as Sophie is labelled the liar. Trying to figure out the truth, Priya presses Andrew for the video evidence, but Sophie’s gutted when he now insists no such footage exists.

Seeing the rift tearing her family apart, Kate finally confesses the truth: she kissed Noah. In the aftermath, betrayed Sophie prepares to leave for Sydney, but Paul convinces her to stay. Kate’s heartbroken when Sophie tells her she’ll living with Paul from now on.

Unable to cancel his pre-paid cruise, Lou decides to make the most of it. But with the problems between Kate and Sophie, Lou decides to stay, until Lucas assures him, he will take care of the girls.