Andrew continues to meddle

It’s the grand re-opening of Lassiters and Paul is giving his speech before Declan cuts the ceremonial ribbon to declare the complex open. However, the atmosphere between Paul and Rebecca is distinctively frosty following Paul’s dishonesty, which pleases Andrew. And to make things worse, Andrew encourages Kyle to hang around Rebecca, knowing it will wind Paul up.

Donna struggles to accept that her and Ringo are just friends and clashes with his new girlfriend, Naomi. Ringo pulls Donna up for being off with Naomi and she explains she is finding it hard but will deal with it.

Later, during a meeting with Susan in Charlie’s, Paul struggles to concentrate when he notices Rebecca and Kyle flirting behind the bar. However, when Paul checks the books for Charlie’s, it appears bar takings increase when Kyle is working. Will he bite his tongue or confront Rebecca?

With the boys talking about Bloke’s Club, Donna and Naomi are left to chat. Back at Ringo’s, Naomi tells him that Donna told her to stay away from him. Ringo is furious and tells Donna to stay away from him and Naomi. Donna claims she doesn’t know what he is talking about. Someone is lying – but who?

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