Andrew declares his love for Rebecca

Paul assumes him and Rebecca are back on following the night they spent together. Little does he know that, thanks to Cass, Rebecca is enjoying a very public display of affection with former love Andrew Simpson. Elle witnesses the kiss and advises Rebecca to tell Paul what’s going on.

As much as Rebecca claims Paul hurt her too much for them to be together again, it’s clear Rebecca isn’t entirely sure herself. But when Andrew saves the day by helping out behind the bar, Rebecca can’t deny her attraction to the dashing principal.

Andrew lets Rebecca know that he is serious about her: he wants to be with her, and she deserves someone decent. Rebecca accuses him of pressuring her, but Andrew says he’s not going to give up. Meanwhile, Elle tells Paul about Andrew and Rebecca and urges her heartbroken father to fight for the woman he loves. Will Paul be able to prove himself before Rebecca commits to another man?

Ringo and Zeke go to battle over Donna. Meanwhile, Donna refuses to be fought over like a trophy. Stung by Donna’s rejection and goaded by Zeke, Ringo tells Declan he needs to sort Zeke out once and for all…

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