Harry, Summer and Andrew are forced to spend the day together in weekend detention. As it was Andrew’s guide to picking up women that was the cause of all the trouble, Libby tells them to write an essay about an influential woman. Left to their own devices, the three bicker before they eventually begin to bond.

But simmering beneath the surface of the casual banter between the teens are the secret crushes that both Harry and Andrew have on Summer. However, when Summer bonds with Harry over their shared life-experiences, it seems that the triangle about to get messy. During their detention, Harry, Summer and Andrew discover that all is not well with Libby as she endures what would have been her wedding anniversary with Dan.

Zeke is unhappy about fighting with Karl, and so tries to engage him as an adult and talk about it – but Karl’s made up his mind about Mia. Feeling guilty about some of his harsh words, Karl turns up to PirateNet to apologise, only to find that Mia is the special guest on Zeke’s show. An on-air showdown ensues, prompting Zeke to come up with a compromise between his stepfather and his new girlfriend.

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