Andrew has a stark warning for Shirley

Heather tells Shirley that Andrew is feeling left out and she needs to spend more time with him. Shirley mistakenly thinks that Heather is talking about the three of them and ‘surprises’ them with a meal and a DVD. Andrew tries to explain to Shirley that she’s smothering Heather. Heather’s had enough of the arguing and storms out. Andrew warns Shirley that once he and Heather are married nothing will come between them…

Janine is feeling fat and frumpy. Michael doesn’t help by buying her a book on childbirth and a ‘designer bag’ that’s a baby-changing bag! Janine dumps the bag in the bin. Romantic Michael makes things up to her by decking out Butcher’s Joints as a boudoir with massage oils, champagne and rose petals. Janine is bowled over as Michael moves in for a kiss.

Fat Boy punches Tyler when he mistakenly thinks Tyler is bad mouthing Whitney to Alfie. Fat Boy confesses that Whitney has left him for Tyler. Tyler insists he won’t go after Whitney if it will upset him. Fat Boy tells Tyler to go for it if it will make Whitney happy. Whitney is furious the boys have been deciding her love life for her. Tyler buys Whitney a huge bunch of balloons and declares his love.