Andrew proposes to Heather!

Rose is angry when she finds out that Andrew is considering gastric band surgery, assuming Heather has pushed him in to it. Andrew confesses to Heather that he has concerns about his health now that he has Heather and George and a future. Heather is stunned when Andrew presents her with an engagement ring and proposes… And an overjoyed Heather accepts!

Anthony and Derek are forced to tell a waiting Derek they haven’t got his money for him. Derek offers the lads an alternative and says they can do a ‘job’ for him instead. The boys feel they’ve no choice, but to accept the offer. Patrick’s dragged into the cable theft scam and offers to be their driver. A desperate Anthony asks Michael to help them out. Michael calls the police on Derek, but realises he’s put himself in danger.

Tyler insists to Fat Boy that there was nothing going on between him and Whitney. Fat Boy suspiciously agrees to believe him. Fat Boy asks Whitney to meet him at the Vic, but she doesn’t think she should be the one to apologise. Whitney heads to the Vic after all when Dot tells Whitney that Fat Boy truly loves her. But there’s a mix up over the time and Fat Boy accidentally stands her up!