Andrew is encouraging his dad to talk, but Doug and Karl are not happy when Detective Brennan arrives to speak to Paul. Assuring the doctors that it’s not an official interview, they allow him five minutes. When Paul manages to utter the words ‘Diana, mezzanine and argue’, Karl calls a halt to the conversation and Detective Brennan says he wants to talk to Diana again. Andrew is pleased to inform Paul that Diana’s bail is going to be revoked.

In her hotel room, Diana hurriedly packs her things having taken a call and being told what Paul has said. When the cops get the hotel, Diana has gone. Meanwhile, in hospital, Paul reassures Rebecca that despite his affair with Diana, he never stopped loving her.

Paul has an unexpected visitor, Diana. He tries to call for help but he isn’t strong enough. When he asks her what she wants, she tells him to do the right thing for once. When she is gone, Paul tells Karl he needs to speak to the police.

Rebecca struggles to deal with her conflicting feelings about Paul, but Declan tells her not to be sucked back in and hands her information on getting a divorce. Meanwhile, Paul tells Andrew he doesn’t deserve him or Rebecca but Andrew reassures him that they love him. When Andrew sees the divorce information, he tells Rebecca she can’t divorce Paul.

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