Andrew realises he’s attracted to Summer, but poor Harry has the hots for her too. However, when Andrew finds out the video of him and Donna is still doing the rounds he gets worried that Summer might see it. When he makes a bet with Harry that he isn’t interested in Summer, Paul overhears it and comes down hard on him for the money he still owes him.

Andrew comes up with a plan and drags Harry into his money making scheme to help pay off his debts to Paul. His idea is to give dating advice to the guys in his year for a fee. Will this only get him further into trouble?

After accepting Libby’s offer to pay his fine, Lucas invests in his relationship with his nephew, Ben. Stoked that his uncle is not going to prison, Ben talks up his love for Lucas in front of Toadie. When Toadie voices reservations about Ben emulating troubled Lucas, the gloves come off, and it’s Ben who’s caught in the crossfire.

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