As Andrew seems to be having a tough time at the Robinson household, Summer asks Steph to let her have a party at the house, as she says it would be good for Andrew. Steph’s wary, but after Summer begs her, she reluctantly agrees to having the party at her house. Although Summer’s confident in thinking she can keep it under control, it seems as though she’s learned nothing about the rebellious Andrew who appears to have other plans.

He’s created a Facebook group promoting the big night, and suddenly, details about it are all over the internet. He wants to leave Ramsay Street with a bang, but will Andrew risk his friendship with Summer for one wild night?

When Declan runs into some of his old footy friends, Kate sees a whole new side to her domesticated boyfriend. Thinking he needs a break from his household chores and looking after India, Kate goes to Zeke looking for help. She wants him to find something manly for him and Declan to do together. An enthusiastic Donna helps them look for a suitable university club for him to join so he can do more ‘blokey’ things. But what will Declan say when he sees what Zeke’s enlisted them for?

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