On a high after his night out with Donna, Andrew is brought back down to earth with a thud when Rebecca and Paul send him off to his first day at Erinsborough High. He is further humiliated as he knows that Declan is working at Lassiters and feels as though he is no longer Paul’s No 1 son. As a result, Andrew sets out on a mission to cause trouble and starts by sabotaging a wedding that Declan is running at the hotel, in a bid to undermine him. Next, he turns his attention to Kate.

Callum and Sophie plan to stick together to survive their first day of Year 7. But when Callum finds himself getting picked on, Sophie’s attempts to stick up for him only result in more bullying. When Sophie tells Harry what’s happened, he intervenes. As expected, the influence of a cool Year 11 buys Callum some status. But Sophie is left alone and hurt when Callum decides to protect himself by abandoning her and befriending the bullies.

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